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Founded in 2022, Sullivan's Barber Shop was established in the blue-collar outskirts of Milwaukee by Lauran and Christopher Ripstein.  With Lauran’s passions rooted in classical traditions, the Ripstein’s sought out a location to revitalize the time-honored practice of barbering.  On the corner of Packard and Layton, such a location existed thus beginning a 3-year renovation and build out.
In 1934, a young couple by the name of Joe and Mary Salvatore brought an idea to life by building and creating a location for shoe shinning, hat blocking and smoker supplies.  At a time where an Italian last name could detour a customer, the Salvatore’s named their operation Sullivan’s.  For over 75 years, the Salvatore’s took that dream far beyond reality with successes reflected in their dedication to hard work.  As an homage to its heritage and replicated aspirations, Lauran and Christopher repurposed the Sullivan’s name.
Passing through the front door feels like stepping back in time.  Every inch of the shop was meticulously resurrected or created by the hands of the Ripstein’s, to provide an environment that is reminiscent of a simpler time in life where a communal atmosphere paired admirably with prideful craftsmanship.

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Owner, Barber

With 10 years of experience in the field of barbering, Lauran received her education in Barbering & Cosmetology in Florida.  Enjoys getting to know her clients and helping them find the right haircut to suit their style.
She is continually learning to honing her craft, and enjoys a challenge to improve her skills.
Most at home with short hair, but comfortable with all manners of cuts and lengths.  If asked which service she loves doing the most, and she will say wet shaves.

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